• Core Banking Applications Suite

    For Co-operative Credit Societies, Multi-states and Nidhi Companies

  • Cloud Based Solution

    Highly secure. No Upfront Investments Required for Servers, Software and Data Centers

  • Grow Your Business

    Reach out to More Customers. Cut Your Costs. Increase Productivity. Compete Better.

  • DELIGHT Your Customers

    Offer them bank-like services. Scale high on customer satisfaction. Gain customer loyalty.

About Ultimus

ULTIMUS software product range is specifically designed to cater to automation needs of the Co-operative Credit Societies, Multi-states and Nidhi Companies. Our vision is to become the most trusted brand in the financial services applications market. Our mission is to assist our clients, at various levels, in their digital journey to achieve the next level by offering them innovative, cutting edge technological products at the most competitive price points.

Our products aim at leveraging people, technology and process aspects for improving the productivity of our clients and provide them a level playing field in the industry. We go much beyond the generally believed automation objective of just cost cutting and enable the clients to grow their business by adopting industry best practices.

We urge you to check out our products and services and get an insight into technology driven business growth.


Core Banking Applications Suite

For Co-operative Credit Societies, Multi-states and Nidhi Companies

Our Product Range

Explore our products to know how we can help you enhance your customer satisfaction and improve your business performance.

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About Ultimus Testimonials

After implementing BMS Collection App, we were able to significantly improve control on our field collection operations. Really a feature rich product!


Mr. Vijay More

CEO, Rameshwar co-operative Bank, Mumbai

We use BMS collection app, CIBIL Reports and eDMS solutions and our experience has been very consistent across the products - cutting edge technology, simple to use and unbelievably prompt after sales service.


Mr. Kailas Shetye

Chairman, MVTV Co-operative Credit Society, Mumbai

आमच्या मल्टिस्टेट च्या सर्व शाखांमध्ये आम्ही BMS अँप वापरतो. मला व्यक्तिशः आवडलेले फिचर म्हणजे यामुळे संपूर्ण संस्थेचे रोजचे कलेक्शन आम्ही मुख्य कार्यालयात बसून ऑनलाईन पाहू शकतो. भविष्यकाळात येणारी त्यांची नवीन प्रॉडक्ट्स वापरायला आम्हाला नक्कीच आवडेल.


श्री. मल्लिकार्जुन मुनेप्पा केंदुळे

Chairman, Shri Panchmukhi Hanuman Multi-state co-operative Credit society, Solapur

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