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Customer Relationship Management Solution

In today’s competitive times, financial institutes are facing huge challenges in terms of acquiring new customers as well as retaining existing ones. Our CRM solution aims to help Co-operative Credit Societies, Multi-states, Nidhi Companies and NBFCs convert leads and prospects into customers. 360 degree view of customers helps them segment the customers and offer meaningful services in a profitable manner.

ULTIMUS Insight covers and manages the customer experience through pre-sales, sales and service processes.

Key features

  • Lead and contact management.
  • Schemes Campaign Management.
  • Telecalling.
  • Service Requests Management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution helps manage customer data. It helps financial institutes reach more customers in a more profitable way. CRM system delivers actionable insights on customers and it also facilitates team communication.
If you want to run sales forecasts or review your sales, marketing or other businesses activities, then a CRM system will give you what you need. If you want to understand your customers better, you should implement a CRM solution. A CRM system can pull all your customer data into a report for easy analysis.
ULTIMUS Insight enables you to compile all your customer data and then run a focussed sales campaign for mobilizing deposits or loan schemes to targeted customers and prospects. It also supports call center based customer interaction. This reduces your marketing expenses and improves the effectiveness of your marketing activities.
ULTIMUS Insight creates, tracks and helps resolve customer service requests in an integrated manner. This helps improve customer satisfaction level and hence customer loyalty.

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