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  • Strict Access Control

  • Safeguard Against Loss of Documents and Information

DMS - Documents Management Solution

Any institute operating in financial sector, obviously deals with lots of physical papers like various membership forms, account opening forms, KYC documents, legal documents, vouchers, circulars etc. Apart from occupying precious office space, it also consumes lot of manual efforts for filing, retrieving and refiling of these documents. It is also very difficult to ensure security of information contained in these documents as the documents are accessed by virtually any body – regardless of authorization.

DMS safeguards your documents from disasters, saves costs and improves employee productivity.

Key features

  • Scan and store digitized documents.
  • Safe & Secure documents storage in Cloud.
  • No physical movement of documents necessary since you can search & retrieve documents in a few clicks.
  • Users can view only what they are supposed to view.

Frequently Asked Questions

DMS stands for Electronic Documents Management System. It actually stores documents information in electronic form and helps users with Internet based easy search and retrieval.
Any organization which stores, handles a lot of papers and documents like application forms, KYC documents, legal papers, circulars etc. and needs to spend a lot of time in filing, retrieving and re-filing such documents on a regular basis should consider the eDMS system. Also there is a higher storage cost associated with such documents, if they are stored on site. Any organization who handles paper based documents shall be greatly benefited from eDMS solutions.

Our eDMS solution allows users to scan and electronically store the digital copies of the documents in the cloud. It also allows the grant of access rights to specific users on specific information. This results in various benefits as below

  • Large savings in storage costs for storing documents / files
  • Saves time on searching, retrieving and refiling the documents
  • Security of information stored in documents since there is access control mechanism and only authorized users can access specific information.
  • Saving time and expense of sending documents from one office to another. This helps to facilitate better coordination between the branches, regional offices and head office.
  • Avoids the risk of information loss due to natural / human disasters (fire, flood, earthquake, theft, etc.)
  • Less wear and tear of the physical documents since they are seldom required to be physically accessed.

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