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ULTIMUS BMS – Collection & Payment App

For financial institutes like co-operative credit societies, multi-state credit societies, nidhi companies and banks, it is important to improve and control field collection operations. Be it for mobilizing CASA deposits or for collection against loans. Managing it the traditional way – either manually or using pigmy machines, poses challenges ranging from skewed cash flow to poor customer service resulting into fading customer trust.

ULTIMUS BMS Helps Control and Improve Your Field Operation.

Key features

  • User Friendly Android Mobile App
  • Round the clock door step collection and payment.
  • Deposit Cash at Nearest Bank Branch.

Frequently Asked Questions

ULTIMUS BMS is an Android mobile app based field collection (Pigmy Collection) solution suitable for Co-operative Credit Societies, Multi-state Co-operative Credit societies, Nidhi Companies and Banks alike.
ULTIMUS BMS enables collections against various account types e.g. Daily accounts, Savings accounts, Recurring Deposit accounts and even Loan instalments
ULTIMUS BMS has a feature to collect loan recoveries as well. The recovery staff can schedule visits to the customers and track the visits details. Head office staff too can monitor the same information from their office.
ULTIMUS BMS has multiple ways to issue a confirmation. SMS is sent, by default, to your customers when the field officers / Pigmy agents collect money from them. We also support in-app notifications and Bluetooth printers to print the traditional collection receipts, if you / your customers so desire.
Thankfully, ULTIMUS BMS app works both in Online and offline modes. This ensures that your collection operation continues even if the data connection is lost during collection operation. The transactions shall be synchronized when the data connection is restored back later.
ULTIMUS BMS has been designed to control and enhance the productivity of field collection operation. All the collection reports are available not only to the respective branch managers but also to regional / Head office staff on a real time basis. These reports are available in tabular as well as graphical formats. The targets can be assigned to field officers / agents and their actual performance can be assessed vis-a-vis the assigned targets. This does away the need to prepare manual collection reports.
ULTIMUS BMS is an online collection app that allows the field staff / Pigmy agents to deposit collection money in the nearest bank branch. This saves a lot of travelling time and cost for the field officer / pigmy agent since they do not have to visit their home branch only for depositing the money. This also improves your cash flow since collection money is made available to you on the very same day.

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About Ultimus Testimonials

After implementing BMS Collection App, we were able to significantly improve control on our field collection operations. Really a feature rich product!


Mr. Vijay More

CEO, Rameshwar co-operative Bank, Mumbai

We use BMS collection app, CIBIL Reports and eDMS solutions and our experience has been very consistent across the products - cutting edge technology, simple to use and unbelievably prompt after sales service.


Mr. Kailas Shetye

Chairman, MVTV Co-operative Credit Society, Mumbai

आमच्या मल्टिस्टेट च्या सर्व शाखांमध्ये आम्ही BMS अँप वापरतो. मला व्यक्तिशः आवडलेले फिचर म्हणजे यामुळे संपूर्ण संस्थेचे रोजचे कलेक्शन आम्ही मुख्य कार्यालयात बसून ऑनलाईन पाहू शकतो. भविष्यकाळात येणारी त्यांची नवीन प्रॉडक्ट्स वापरायला आम्हाला नक्कीच आवडेल.


श्री. मल्लिकार्जुन मुनेप्पा केंदुळे

Chairman, Shri Panchmukhi Hanuman Multi-state co-operative Credit society, Solapur

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