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ULTIMUS - Core Banking Solution

On one hand ever evolving statutory requirements are pushing co-operative societies, Multi-states and nidhi companies to adhere to norms that are more stringent. On the other hand, customers have become more demanding and expect better service from the financial institutes. Traditional off line solutions limit institute’s ability to respond to these demands.

ULTIMUS CoreBanking Solution provides necessary platform for co-operative credit societies, Multi-states and Nidhi companies to compete in the fierce market place and excel.

Key features

  • Online Core Banking System that does not burn a hole in your pocket. SaaS model. Pay as you use. Very cost effective.
  • Industry Grade Secure Banking Applications.
  • Anywhere / Anytime Access. Your business should not depend on your place or time of the day or even night - for that matter.
  • Real time reporting. Efficient inter branch reconciliation. Automatic branch consolidation. Customer delight through mobile app based services.

Frequently Asked Questions

ULTIMUS Core Banking Solution has been developed specifically for Co-operative Credit Societies, Multi-state Co-operative Credit Societies and Nidhi Companies. It is a cloud based integrated applications suite that helps you manage your business effortlessly.
Since ULTIMUS Core Banking is an on-line and cloud based solution, our clients do not have to invest into their own servers and expensive security infrastructure. We offer software-as-a-service model and this makes it very cost effective.
ULMITUS CoreBanking Solution is highly secure. There exist multiple layers of security right from secure logins to role based user access to data encryption. We use state-of-the-art firewalls and IP filtering schemes to make our solution one of the most secure banking applications that brings you peace of mind !
Not Really. Our technology team shall inspect your current application and suggest the best possible way to migrate your old data to the new system.
ULTIMUS CoreBanking Solution is cloud based and has been designed to offer you the highest uptime even in case of man made or natural disasters like earthquake, fire, floods etc. strike. Our highly redundant system infrastructure ensures your business bounces back in the least possible span of time.
ULTIMUS CoreBanking Solution is an integrated application suite. It covers modules like membership, deposit products, loan products, investments and core financial accounting.
ULTIMUS CoreBanking Solution offers following benefits
  • Productivity improvement for the staff
  • Anytime / Anywhere access to the applications
  • Savings in operating costs
  • Automatic consolidation for all the branches and Head office
  • Automatic Inter Branch reconciliation

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